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BMCD Huffacker 4 speed transaxle used in Genies and many american specials in the early to mid 60's These are orginal articals and I also have Iso drawings for DMI modified shafts and internal parts.  Thanks Bill....

New Year New Projects--2012 kicks off with the addition of a "new" old car in the garage, a 1953 Jaguar MK7, for possible mod-street rod.
Here is how she looks now...with more to come.

Coronado Speed Festival--Great way to honor our Military and get time on a unique track. This years’ event held special importance, marking the Centennial of Naval Aviation, at the birthplace of Naval Aviation – Naval Air Station North Island. T2V raced the newly restored 1964 Townsend MK4 for the first time on an active U.S. Navy runway in Race Group 2 – 1962-1972 Sports Racing and Formula Cars under 2000cc.

It took some time but I now have some track photos of the action at Coronado Island, CA. Enjoy.

As Seen on SPEED TV--be sure to check out T2V & the MK4 on Monterey Motorsports Reunion Speed TV coverage--here are the next air dates (PDT time):

Wednesday, September 14 - midnight
Saturday, September 17 - 10 p.m.
Friday, September 23 - 1 a.m.
Sunday, October 9 - 10 a.m. and midnight
Thursday, October 13 - 9 p.m.

Back From Monterey Motorsports Reunion 8/29/11-- Happy to report that the restored 1964 Townsend MK 4 enjoyed plenty of track time this month, participating in the pre-historics as well and motorsports reunion in Monterey. After some sorting the car was holding its own among many a Lola in the USRRC-5A group. The car was a dream in the cockscew and would have had a good finish to the final race, however a broken throttle cable ended the race for T2V with a lap to go. Back in the shop prepping for the next event--Coronado Speed Festival (Sept. 24-25, 2011).

A few track pictures to enjoy...

Shop Update 7/8/11---  A Gary Wheeler (engineer for Dan Gurney) legendary All-American Racer has resurfaced, the 1978 Wheeler, Formula Super Vee The Wheeler was uncovered in So. California by T2V, the race history is quickly unfolding with this Wheeler rumored to be chassis #5 and touting at least 2-3 known championships under it’s belt so far. More history and connections are rolling in daily. A body mold and parts are soon to be in hand for the restoration to begin. 

June 2011-- Presenting the fully restored 1967 T70 Lola (Lola bodied GTD chassis), soon to be headed back to Los Angeles for some track time. Hard to believe the Townsend Typhoon MK2 beside it is only 10 years older, what a world of difference...

T2V's shop update--4/4/11
T2V was most recently honored to share a Best In Class—One Man’s Dream awarded from Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance with owner Mark Brinker, for his 1954 Sorrell-Manning Special, restored in 2010. 
The T2V shop currently has 5 builds going and 3 other cars in line to be built. The 1967 Lola T-70 (Lola bodied GTD chassis). is a few weeks from heading into the body shop to complete the blue over white coupe body for shipment to Los Angeles this May. The freshly restored 1964 Townsend MK-4 is getting the final race-ready touches for test and tune at INDE Motorsports Ranch located in Wilcox AZ. Then any needed changes will be completed and the car will be sorted for several weekend vintage races to get all the bugs out of the green racer, prior to the Monterey Motorsports Reunion the first of August, where it was recently accepted into the 5A class. The much raced 1957 Townsend Typhoon MK-2 “Purple People Eater” is getting a new set of axles, as the 55 year-old drag and road racer has been sorted to the point it corners harder than the original Oldsmobile rear axle bearings can take over a long race weekend. The 1963 UK originated drag legend, Megalomania, is in the beginning phase, with T2V owner Owen Gibson collecting all the correct parts and history to restore the car back to it’s record setting Santa Pod 1966 glory days (any information and images of the Megalomania are welcome, email t2vracing@aol.com). T2V plans for the car to be ready for a return to Santa Pod as well as a reunion with the builder’s sons in July of 2012. The 5th car under construction is the SCI Devin VW from 1956, which was the original 1951 VW chassis 356 Judsen-powered Special, used for the Sportscar Illustrated Magazine article in 1957. 
And now for the pics...

T2V is pround to unveil the latest restoration: 1964 Townsend Typhoon MK-IV
(Dec. 3, 2010) LOLA T70 UPDATE
The Lola is going back together should be ready by years end, it will make a great racer for the owner. Take a look at the progress.

(Nov. 1, 2010) Mystery Machine--What Is It?!?
Well as has happened since I opened the T2V shop fiberglass keeps finding me. Got a call on a RHD MG and went to get it as the price was right... Well here it is.
Is it an old Brit Gasser ? A movie car ? Custom? Has anyone ever seen the car ? Lots and lots of high quality glass work and interesting lines.  The car is a MGB 1962-63 RHD the body is under the glass on 75% of the car a real moon tank and tilt front end chevy 396 on the side of the hood, has a chute box built into the car, brakes are on a lever, ladder bar go all the way to the bellhousing, and the engine mounts are for a high mount engine. All points to a 1960's altered or gasser, but the rear F4 aircraft air intakes are all wrong for a drag car ???  All input welcome.

Take a look...


T2V Progress Report on the 1967 LOLA T70:

The new trans axle and 383 SBC are complete dyno shows at 457 @ 5800 RPM. This should be a great engine for the Renegade 930 5 speed transaxle. I have the rear trans axle cradle done and the whole assembly now lifts in and out after you disconnect the wiring and the hoses. The engine was moved 2.5” forward and lowered 1” for better weight distribution and to have a straight line from the hubs to the 930 outputs under load. On disassembly the axles were found to be 1" long and the stub axles had been mushroomed when the car bottomed so new axles and assemblies are in order I’ll machine new hubs and have the splines EDM cut. Luckily the threads and wall was heavy enough I cadn machine .64 smaller and rethread for new nuts. 

And now for the photo gallery of the progress:

Modified for the 930 transaxle; Axle Alignment 

As received cut cradle no support.

The foot box and leg length had to be changed to fit the 6’ 4” owner. Also the pedal radio was very low and required extreme pressure to lock the brakes. I made the box 3” wider and replaced the pedals with a Wilwood under hung 5:1 assembly. This also placed the pedals centered on the size 12 foot for best pressure control and heel toe corners. This also opens the steering rack area for much needed changes. 

The way it was
New Peddles; 3” wider and 4” further to front of tub
The tub was swiss cheese from 45 years of mods and maltreatment so 142 holes and 21 patches were needed to close the tub back up and make it ready for the new seats and hardware.

This is the original box with 2:1 pedals (can you say push real hard to stop) and 10" of room way small for a size 12 feet  

T2V's New Projects: LOLA SL 73 106, LOLA T-70,TR1800 1947, Devin D pre proto 1956 SCI build car, Fiat Sport 850, 1970 Berkeley 492 #244 H/M 1057
 1954 Sorrell Manning Restoration
1957 Townsend Typhoon MK 2 Restoration and Races
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